​​Assisted living supports older adults who are finding it harder to manage certain activities of daily living (ADLs). These seniors are generally active and independent but might need a helping hand with their daily routine, such as getting dressed, taking a shower, or preparing a meal. Assisted living help can happen in a person’s home or in an assisted living community, where engagement with friends, family and other residents is encouraged. No matter where a person receives assisted living, it’s personalized just for them, and adapted to their specific needs and schedule.

Here are some assisted living facts that may surprise you.

Assisted Living Fact #1: Not a Nursing Home

A common misconception about assisted living is that it’s the same as entering a nursing home. They may look the same on the outside or share similar types of amenities, costs and medical standards, but their purpose is very different. A nursing home is designed to provide around-the-clock medical care for elderly and infirm adults with serious medical and physical conditions. An assisted living community is designed for older adults who are, for the most part, active and mobile, and don’t need medical care. Assistance with activities of daily living helps these adults with their personal routines in a living space that’s more manageable. With assisted living, there’s no need to enter a nursing home before it’s necessary.

Assisted Living Fact #2: Regulations Vary by State

There’s no federal regulation policy for assisted living, so states enact regulations exclusive to their area. Your state will have unique regulations for assisted living that may include what kinds of health care services can legally be provided, whether medication is allowed to be administered, or even whether a staff member is allowed to clip a diabetic resident’s toenails. By being aware of your state’s regulations, you can make a better care decision for yourself or your loved one.

Assisted Living Fact #3: Offers a Variety of Care Levels

When you visit various assisted living communities, you’ll see each one provides care a little differently than the others. Some communities offer a limited range of assisted care, while others provide for a full spectrum of needs. At Peace Village, we offer five levels of personalized care plans, including support for loved ones in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. Our assisted living care allows them to live independently for as long as possible, with help from trained staff members who understand memory care. And when a loved one needs more care than is provided in assisted living, we have a continuum of senior care on campus that makes transitions easier.

Assisted Living Fact #4: Feels Like Home

Care aside, assisted living comes in all kinds of buildings, settings and layouts. Here’s what you can typically expect in an assisted living community: a private or semiprivate residence, housekeeping, meals and dining, and transportation. Some communities feel more traditional or hospital-like, while others, such as Peace Village, feel more like home. Our assisted living residents enjoy comfortable private apartments with a full bath and kitchen. They furnish and decorate their home to their taste and even bring their pets.

Assisted Living Fact #5: Lots to Do

Assisted living in a senior living community gives residents access to all the social, educational and physical activities throughout the community. Many communities offer amenities such as a fitness center; pool; outdoor recreation areas; and a social calendar filled with club, committee and social events. At Peace Village, residents can take part in group fitness classes such as yoga and tai chi; join a friendly game of billiards; read in the library; join others for prayer and meditation; and explore our expansive 22-acre property with a fishing lake, walking paths and a gazebo.

Assisted Living Fact #6: More Affordable than You Think

Assisted living usually costs less than nursing home care or home health care services in the same area. According to the Genworth Cost of Care, the national median monthly rate for assisted living in Palos Park, Illinois, is $4,950, less than half the median rate for nursing home care, which is $8,532. You may also be able to claim part of your assisted living expenses on your taxes. Check your eligibility with a qualified financial or tax advisor.

When you add up the total cost of owning and maintaining your home, including lawn care, utilities, appliance repair, insurance, etc., you may be surprised to find the cost of assisted living compares well. But there’s also priceless peace of mind knowing the right care is always there when needed, and there’s freedom to live more simply, with fewer bills to pay and less to take care of. Combined with the desirable lifestyle of a community like Peace Village, it’s an unbeatable value.

Discover the Facts About Circle Inn Assisted Living

Inviting dining venues and outdoor sitting areas. Social and educational opportunities galore. A maintenance-free lifestyle. A lively culture you’re welcomed into like family. Find out whether Peace Village is the answer to a retirement that’s just your style. Learn more about our assisted living at Circle Inn by contacting us today.