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Let our residents tell you why they love living at Peace Village.

When people find the ideal retirement lifestyle in the perfect location, they’re happy to let others know about it. Here’s what some of our residents are saying.

What do others say?

Gerald Delves

Gerald Delves drives the short distance from his home at Peace Village to Moraine Valley Community College, where he tutors students in algebra for six hours a day, three days a week. With an academic background like that, Gerald has no difficulty calculating the value of living at Peace Village.

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“At first, I thought Peace Village was very nice, but I assumed it was too expensive. After a little book work, I saw it was actually quite affordable. In the apartment I lived in before moving to Peace Village, I was paying for rent, meals, my electric bill and other utilities, and getting practically nothing. That apartment hadn’t even been repainted during the 12 years I lived there. At Peace Village, everything is included, and almost everything is new. Your appliances are new when you move in. They routinely replace carpeting and many other things. Twice a year, a crew of maids spends about three hours in my apartment deep-cleaning it.

“I like this location because it seems so rural, yet it’s close to everything. I’m 11 minutes from the college. I’m 5 minutes from Orland Park Mall. I’m about 15 minutes from Oak Lawn, where I still maintain a church connection. I seem to be close to everything, and yet it feels so private and beautiful.”

Lorraine Grand

“The setting here is really lovely. I like nice scenery, and you just don’t see any other places like it.”

Shirley Colby

“The consideration you receive at Peace Village is just incomparable.”

Alice Cepa

“I looked at many different communities around Chicago. I kept coming back to Peace Village.”

Wally Busse

“Peace Village offers tremendous value in every way. Go ahead and visit other communities and compare. I’m pretty sure you’ll choose Peace Village. We did.”

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