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(708) 361-3683
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Moving concerns?
MoveAssist handles the heavy lifting.

The team at Peace Village knows how overwhelming the thought of moving can be. That’s why we created MoveAssist. We’ll put you in touch with local professionals who will help with all aspects of selling your home and moving to Peace Village. Our team will share valuable, professional guidance on:

  • Finding the right real estate professional
  • Setting a fair market price
  • Successful home staging
  • Senior relocation and transit assistance

We can offer flexibility and assistance with your move by providing some of these services at no additional cost to you.

What do residents say about MoveAssist?
“As we got further into the process, I discovered that MoveAssist would do a lot more than I expected — she was very thorough. She came over to my apartment to measure all my furniture so I wouldn’t move anything I couldn’t use. She was so helpful! I don’t think Peace Village could do more than what they did to help me make the move.”
— Fern

“When I decided to come here, I had to pack again and unpack and get rid of excess, and this is where MoveAssist came in. I was able to get rid of quite a bit, give away some more and donate some more. Rose was a tremendous help.”
— Jo

Discover all the ways we can help with relocation to Peace Village.

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